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People interested in ecological solutions or following eco innovations on the market, have probably already heard about BIOTREM products. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, it’s time you learn about this Polish company. Cutlery made of wheat bran is a real opportunity for an ecological revolution on the disposable tableware and cutlery market. Such plates, bowls, platters, knives and forks are fully biodegradable, resistant to high temperature, aesthetic – and even edible.

Big baby steps

Disposable wheat bran dishes, today sold throughout Europe (and not only), originated in Zambrów – a small town in north-eastern Poland. Jerzy Wysocki, owner and originator of the BIOTREM brand, is a miller who came up with this revolutionary idea by producing flour. Strictly speaking – looking at the tons of bran that are formed as a by-product of milling wheat. As the originator mention in an interview for the OZEON magazine, after just one day of work in three mills belonging to him, 60 tons of bran remains unappropriated. There was a lot of thinking, wondering and testing with bran – until finally the machine clogged and ‘spat out’ a pressed leaf. This is how the idea was created to transform unnecessary bran into – especially needed today – ecological, natural disposable tableware. Not that much later, the production of biodegradable cutlery made of bran and PLA (material obtained from cornmeal) began.

Necessity is the mother of invention

This concept was a jackpot. Today, as never before, we have to limit the use of plastics. The good news is, consumer awareness increases day by day. Natural, biodegradable, devoid of harmful substances, and upcycling bran dishes were doomed to success. They contain only wheat bran and negligible amounts of water – thanks to which, the dishes break down in just 30 days and are completely safe for health. You can even be tempted to bite and eat such a plate – by all means, do it!

biotrem disposable cutlery

After several generations of tested machines, the dishes look beautiful, are durable, stable and the production more and more efficient. From one ton of bran BIOTREM can produce about 10 thousand BIOTREM plates and the same number of cutlery. The capacity of the current production line is estimated at 15 million biodegradable vessels per year. This is quite a good result, but given the growing interest in this type of products, the company will probably need to slightly increase their rates.

BIOTREM hits the world

Interest in BIOTREM solution is considerable – the company distributes its products to most European countries (Denmark, Germany, Norway, Great Britain, Ireland, Slovenia, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, France, Hungary, Ukraine and Slovakia). However, it can be safely said that BIOTREM is a global brand – biodegradable, disposable tableware and cutlery is also available in the USA, Canada, Lebanon and South Korea. The idea itself is simple but at the same time extremely innovative. BIOTREM dishes are elegant, functional, healthy and ecological – just right for demanding 21st century’s consumers.

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