Robert Downey Jr. wants to clean the Earth with A.I.

It seems that interest in ecology and the fate of our planet has reached Hollywood for good. Movie stars and celebrities are increasingly willing to rise their voice (and money) on matters of urgency, really important for people, other animals and the environment. From Leonardo Dicaprio as the executive producer and promoter of the groundbreaking documentary Cowspiracy and founder of the ecological foundation, through Natalie Portman and her film Eating Animals, to James Cameron directing a documentary about athletes on a plant-based diet The Game Changers. Robert Downey Jr. has recently decided to join the group of celebrities involved in promoting eco-consciousness. In a style worthy of Iron Man.

The Footprint Coalition starts next year

Robert Downey Jr. used the moment with the microphone at the opening of the Amazon’s Re: Mars conference on technology and artificial intelligence to announce his news. His organization, The Footprint Coalition, will officially launch in April 2020. According to preliminary calculations of experts, according to the actor, the Earth can be significantly – and even completely – cleaned of anthropogenic pollution in just 10 years. With the help of new, advanced technologies, of course. This will be the goal of the organization.

robert downey jr

Soon after the announcement of the great plans, the official website of The Footprint Coalition appeared on the internet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer much more than a subscription to the newsletter. What can we expect then?

The key role of A.I.

Some assume that the technology Robert Downey Jr. will reach for in its pro-ecological project, will be largely based on artificial intelligence. Actor has been showing considerable interest in the subject for a long time – he even creates a documentary series exploring the operation and development of this fascinating (and sometimes frightening) field. He claims that he sees it as a good opportunity.

Moreover, the conference presented various ways of using robotics and artificial intelligence in the fight against climate crisis and environmental pollution in general. However, whether Amazon has anything to do with The Footprint Coalition project – is not known.

Robert Downey Jr. awakened by his remorse

In his speech at the conference, Robert Downey Jr. stated that he had largely ignored environmental issues in the past. His personal carbon footprint strongly disturbed him in the light of the growing climate crisis, so he made a real examination of conscience. His compensation is to establish The Footprint Coalition and fight for a clean Earth. As for the moment, it remains for us to support actor’s ambitious plan and keep our fingers crossed for more such awakenings in the world of celebrities.

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