Smartflower – innovative and designer solar farm

As the awareness of the climate crisis dangers increases, so does the demand for sustainable energy. Generating it using renewable sources, available without digging, burning and high emissions, is therefore the foundation of a modern economy. However, innovation at this stage cannot be just functional – it should also be highly aesthetic. This is exactly what Smartflower is – an intelligent solar flower. In addition to energy, its creators decided to draw an inspiration from nature.

Smartflower – intelligent flower that follows the sun

In the case of Smartflower, the name is ambiguous. First of all – the device itself looks like a robotic but extremely aesthetic flower, whose petals are made of photovoltaic panels. Secondly – and more importantly – its “intelligence” imitates plant biology. Flakes folded overnight unfold as the sun rises and follow it all day long. They position so that as many rays as possible can be converted into ready-to-use energy. Due to such intelligent tracking of the sun, according to Smartflower manufacturers, the device can produce up to 40% more electricity than conventional panels with the same surface size.

Every day, at dusk, the flower will fold and remain at rest until the next sunny day. What’s more – Smartflower also cleans itself. This not only saves conservators’ time, but also allows to maintain panel performance at an optimal level.

Who and where will make use of it?

Smartflower is a device that doesn’t require any additional infrastructure. It’s basically self-sufficient. Manufacturers pay special attention to its nearly artistic design, thanks to which it catches the eye and arouses interest. Therefore, it works perfectly as a functional and aesthetic element of the urban landscape at once. It can play an educational role and provide energy in public spaces. In addition, it’s a good alternative (or maybe a supplement) for LEED certification for companies that declare willingness to balance their ecological footprint.

designer sun farm

Smartflower was also created in the +Plus version, integrated with the energy storage battery. Thanks to this, in the event of a device failure or temporary inability to produce energy, we can remain independent of the power grid. Manufacturers argue that such solution is perfect for installation in distant places located far away from civilization or simply without access to the grid. In addition, the EV version Smartflower lets you charge electric cars. It’s therefore a better alternative to charging stations that still use energy obtained from non-renewable sources.


How much energy does Smartflower produce?

According to manufacturers, one Smartflower can generate between 4000 and 6500 kWh per year. Depending, of course, on the location where we decide to place such a device. Therefore, its daily capacities are around 11-18 kWh of electricity produced. This amount is enough for almost 2.5 thousand smartphone chargings, driving about 100 km with electric car or watching TV for 360 hours. A lot or not? It all depends on our habits and needs.

Undoubtedly, however, Smartflower provides some relief for the environment. What’s more, among all renewable energy innovations, this device seems to be one of the few that cares for the design. Smartflower is simply beautiful.

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