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OLIO – don’t throw away your food, share!

One of the biggest failures of our modern civilization is irresponsible consumerism. We produce too much, buy too much and waste too much - especially when it comes to food. Annually, in Europe alone, around 88 million tonnes of food are thrown away ...

Foodsi and Too Good To Go to fight food wasting

Annuallny, about 1/3 of food produced worldwide end up in thrash. It is, exactly, 1.3 billion tons of food . We throw away about 40-50% of vegetables and fruits, 35% of fish, 30% of cereals and 20% of oilseeds, meat and dairy products that reach the ...

Sustainable Development Goal 12 – Consumption

What brought us and the planet to the brink of climate disaster (and ecological in general) is, to a great extent, irresponsible consumerism. That is why, among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, goal 12 has been set: to ensure sustainable ...

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