Loop – this is how zero waste future looks like

If the future is to be pro-ecological – it must offer solutions suitable for the 21st century. Let’s be honest, fruit bags made of drapes are a great initiative, but they are rather unlikely to gain popularity on a large scale. Modern solutions must be comfortable, easy and, well, visually appealing. It would be great, therefore, if zero waste was taken seriously by global brands that set global trends. Brands that everyone knows and trust – especially people who pay little attention to ecology on a daily basis. Slowly, but the market is beginning to respond to new, necessary needs. This was proven by Loop, company from the USA, which combined a thriving business with the zero waste concept.

What is Loop?

Loop is a company that decided to literally loop the process of everyday products’ market circulation. For their clients, they offer cleaning products, cosmetics and food provided by well-known brands, which are packed in an eye-catching and solid, reusable boxes / cans / bottles / dispensers. As a result, the world’s largest corporations are changing their policy to become more pro-ecological and create new, better consumer trends. Garbage is no longer an issue here, and the idea of ​​zero waste is beginning to be a new standard. The creators of Loop know exactly what problems we face in the 21st century and meet the need to mitigate them. They also know how to do it profitably.

So how does it work?

The idea is extremely simple (and not so innovative at all). We do our usual online shopping and the delivery man brings it straight to our door. When our favorite products run out, we make and order and hand-over the reusable packaging to the delivery man. The company takes care of their thorough cleansing and puts them into circulation once again. Deja vu? Such solutions have already been used years ago – in the case of milk, for example. A lot of time had to pass and we had to learn quite a few lessons to get back to this place. But it succeeded – and in an exceptionally modern way.

Less work for costumers and the environment

reusable shopping bag

Such solution makes life easier for us, the consumers. With Loop, there’s no need to throw anything away, clean or recycle on our own. To use the Loop, we only need to pay a one-time (and refundable), small fee to rent a bag for packaging. Of course, the bag is also reusable. We won’t find any unnecessary tapes or bubble wrap in it. One reusable packaging for a specific product can be used more than a hundred times. After this period, it can be recycled and re-circulated. Such shopping model is a huge relief for the environment and a very important step in building new consumer habits.

When will Loop revolutionize shopping?

Global brands are increasingly willing to cooperate with Loop, both for ecological and economic reasons. It seems that these two concepts are beginning to pass into each other. Today, every prosperous business, to achieve something in the future, must take care of the environmental issues. It has been perceived as a chance by, for example, Dove, Pantene, Oral-B, Seventh Generation, Hellmann’s, Haagen-Dazs, AXE, The Body Shop, Gilette and many, many more. All of these brands make their products available in the spirit of zero waste, thanks to Loop.

reusable packaging

Right now, Loop’s services are available only in the United States. In the near future, however, the company plans to expand into foreign markets – first France, then Canada, UK, Germany and Japan. The idea, is really good and necessary enough to expand even further.

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