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The main assumption of our website is to share reliable knowledge about ecology, animal rights, climate, sustainable development and/or postgrowth and degrowth with anyone who seeks it. We also aim to constantly educate ourselves, verify our knowledge and look for the best solutions.

We want to publicise the most important problems of our time, as well as encourage substantive discussion, challenging the systems we live within, asking questions and engaging in the search for both theoretical and practical answers. We dream of collaborative, responsible and deliberate action for our – and all other living organisms’ – planet.

We believe that education is the driving force of change and at the same time our greatest hope.

On our website you will find scientifically bound, in-depth articles and news from around the world. Hopefully, they will enable you to learn comprehensively about the challenges we face and the solutions we already have, as well as stay up to date with the most important events and occurrences.

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