CBD products – what choice do we have?

In the light of the increasingly dense public and scientific debate on the beneficial effects of cannabidiol, more and more sophisticated CBD products are popping up on market. The new niche in the market at a surprisingly short time stops being a niche – driven by the producers growing competition, the wave of CBD products floods the Internet and store shelves.

The wide range certainly allows everyone to find something for themselves. Although, let’s start with the classics.

CBD oilsCBD oils

Probably the most well-known and most commonly used form of CBD administration is in an oil. Interestingly, the extracted and dried cannabidiol itself has the form of a white, crystalline powder. In this form, however, we can’t do much use of it – for our body to metabolize the CBD, it must be dissolved in fat. Therefore, CBD oils consist mainly of high quality oil that carries cannabidiol. It can be hemp oil, coconut oil, sesame oil or even ordinary olive oil.

The mysterious ingredient that we can often find on the labels of CBD oils is medium-chain triglycerides (the so-called MCT). In fact, it’s not more nor less than but glycerides, obtained in laboratory from coconut and palm oil. They are assigned with higher bioavailability and higher pro-health properties than those of pure oils (which also contain long-chain triglycerides). But how much of it is medicine and how much marketing? It’s hard to judge.

CBD productsCapsules

However, if you do not like the taste of oil or for some other reason this form prevents you from taking CBD – there is no point to limit yourself. Cannabidiol can also be taken in the form of capsules. Technically, it also consists of oil with cannabidiol but, for the comfort of the recipient, enclosed in an easy-to-swallow capsule. Thanks to this, it is also easy to avoid mistakes in dosage. In capsules, more often than in oils, we also find a complex of other valuable cannabinoids or their precursors (eg CBDa, CBC, CBG, CBN, etc). Keep in mind, however, that CBD in the form which, in order to enter the bloodstream, must pass through the digestive system, is characterized by lower bioavailability.

CBDDried plants and hash with CBD

Another form of CBD intake is inhalation. To the surprise of many novices, in cannabis shops you can also find dried flowers and leaves reminiscent of marijuana or pressed resin that looks like hashish. At first glance, they arouse suspicion but there is nothing to worry about – such dried plants and resin are fully legal. They do not contain THC (well, they do but trace amounts of it on a legal level), but only the appropriate dose of therapeutic cannabidiol (which is, of course, not psychoactive). To fully enjoy healthy properties of cannabidiol, it’s worth to use a vaporizer. Such a device makes it possible to separate active substances and to inhale them in the steam form. It is therefore more like an inhalation rather than smoking (which allows to eliminate the harmful activity of, for example, tarry substances).

e-liquidConcentrates and e-liquids

Quite a specific form of cannabidiol vaporization are concentrates for vaporizers resembling e-cigarettes. It’s a very convenient form for people who spend a lot of time outside their homes. For classic e-cigarettes fans, there is, of course, a solution in the form of e-liquids with CBD.


Among the CBD products there can also be found something for sweets lovers. The most popular product containing cannabidiol in this category is … jellys. They can appear in various forms – from colorful teddy bears to longitudinal “worms”. Despite appearances, this solution is quite popular. Hemp cookies and chewing gums with the addition of CBD are of not less interest. In the case of food, one should pay attention to one common mistake – not every cannabis product contains CBD. It’s worth paying attention to when shopping at the cannabis stores.

cannabis jellys

What we can often get if we obtain CBD products from small and untrained producers are CBD pastes. They are much less valuable than oils and some suggest that they are mainly suitable for cosmetics. It also happens that CBD occurs as an addition to cosmetics, eg in the form of creams or balms. However, it should be remembered that the absorbability and bioavailability of cannabidiol slightly varies depending on the form of the product and the way it is taken. However, if we are looking for the supportive performance as a supplement and we do not use CBD as part of therapy in serious illnesses – in fact, every form will be beneficial. You can easily take your pick of hundreds of CBD products.


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